Sunday, December 22, 2013

Learn More about the National Diabetes Prevention Program

Call to Action for a Coordinated Approach to Diabetes Prevention: The National Diabetes Prevention Program: An Evidence-based Program for Employers, Providers, Health Plans and Community Groups to Bend the Trend

This webinar presents the highlights of Viridian's white paper on the National DPP. If you have been curious to know the science and evidence behind this clinically proven program, this webinar is for you. The webinar presents the health and financial impact of diabetes in the United States, the traditional approach to prevent diabetes and why it doesn't work, the evidence base behind the National DPP and the rise and promise of the National DPP.

If you want to learn more about what Colorado is doing to scale the National Diabetes Prevention Program please go here.

If you want to find programs in Colorado offering the DPP please call 1-800-DIABETES or go here.

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