Thursday, December 5, 2013

Colorado Health Story names Top 10 health issues for consumers

Over the past three years, Colorado Health Story has recorded more than 230 stories. Its staff has traveled 3,000 miles and heard from storytellers in 27 counties. Through each unique story there emerged 10 themes - the 10 most pressing issues and conversations in health care today, as identified by everyday Coloradans. They are: 
1 – Health Care Coverage and Access to Care
Achieving statewide coverage is a complex, expensive, and elusive goal; even for Coloradans with health insurance though, access to care is limited.
2 – Navigating the Health Care System
The barriers to care many patients face can be difficult to overcome and often lead to a frustrated patient wondering if the care they receive is worth the headache.

3 – Educational and Preventive Health Measures
Health education and promotion, prevention, and early intervention can sustain healthier longer lives.
4 – Health and Wellness
Despite Colorado’s reputation for healthy lifestyles, we are not exempt from the obesity epidemic.
5 – Complex Health Conditions
In Colorado and across the United States, complex health conditions are some of the biggest threats to health and wellness.
6 – Behavioral Health
An estimated one in five Coloradans will need treatment for mental health at some point in their lifetime–more than 1,000,000 people.
7 – Oral Health
Oral disease, although nearly 100% preventable, affects children, adults, and families across the state of Colorado every day.
8 – Patient and Provider Relationships
Many Colorado residents expressed how a personal relationship with their provider was important to receiving quality care.

9 – Being an Engaged Patient

Across Colorado, patients advocate for their own needs, know their own bodies, and don’t accept that something couldn’t be done to improve their health.

10 – Health Disparities

With racial and ethnic minorities making up approximately 42% of Colorado’s uninsured residents, we as a state must pay careful attention to health disparities.

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