Thursday, December 19, 2013

Colorado Health Foundation announces new policy group

Good policy at the state and local level is an essential piece to making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation. The Colorado Health Foundation has created and seed funded a new organization, Advocacy for a Healthy Colorado, to serve as a partner in adding even more strength to those fighting for healthy public policies.

The Colorado Health Foundation is committed to elevating the importance of health in public policy debates and advancing policies that improve health. It is committed to supporting individuals, communities and other organizations in taking action to move forward policies that are good for Colorado's health.

Advocacy for a Healthy Colorado is a separate, independent and nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization with a mission to increase Coloradans' access to health coverage, quality health care and healthy living through changes in public policy. While the Foundation uses grants, communications, advocacy, partnerships and other tools in our efforts to make Colorado a healthier state, Advocacy for a Healthy Colorado's work will be narrowly focused on public policy. 

You can learn more about Advocacy for a Healthy Colorado and sign up to receive email updates . 

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