Friday, December 20, 2013

CDC offer quit-smoking for New Year's resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is providing resources for those who want to support smokers ready to make a resolution to quit smoking for the New Year. They include links to a CDC feature article, quitting resources, and social media tools

CDC Feature Article: Your New Year Quit Smoking Plan
This article explains how to make a New Year's quit smoking plan and emphasizes that smokers can reach this goal with helpful, free quitting resources.

The story of  Beatrice video: One of CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign participants, Beatrice is a busy mother of two boys whose family begged her to quit smoking. She talks about her own smoking triggers and how she overcame them to quit for good.

Buttons: A Smokefree New Year Web button is available in a variety of sizes. States and partners can upload this button to their Web sites to link users to New Year's quit smoking content on this Web site.

Social Media: To take advantage of all the activities we have planned on our social media profiles, you may wish to proactively like and follow @CDCTobaccoFree on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the Smoking & Tobacco Use playlist on YouTube

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