Tuesday, November 12, 2013

State Health supports Great American Smokeout with partner communication tools
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has developed Great American Smokeout communications tools to support our many partners calling on Coloradans to join millions of Americans on Nov. 21 as they break free from their addiction to tobacco. 

Though smoking rates have dropped since the first Great American Smokeout in 1976, tobacco use remains the leading cause of death and disease in Colorado, killing more than 4,300 smokers each year and costing the state billions of dollars in health care and lost productivity.

It isn’t easy to quit, but it’s worth it, and there is help available. In addition to CDPHE tools, there are many resources available for Coloradans ready to quit smoking. Smokers and their families can learn more about tobacco at Those who are ready to quit can call the Colorado QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. For those who want help quitting via their phones, Colorado Quit Mobile is a text message-based program that gives you instant support and coaching when you feel the urge to use tobacco. For help close to home, talk to your health care provider.

The benefits of quitting are real and immediate. Within 20 minutes after quitting, a smoker’s
heart rate and blood pressure drops. Within 12 hours, the carbon monoxide levels in his or her
blood decrease. And within two weeks after quitting, a smoker’s lung and circulation functions will improve. Long term, an ex-smoker can expect to live longer and be less likely to develop cancer and heart disease.

Please help us make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation by using these Great American Smokeout communication tools to help your friends, family and neighbors who want to quit smoking.

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