Thursday, November 14, 2013

Preteen beats prediabetes diagnosis

When his mom brought 12-year-old Austin Stanfill to see Sara Bell, MD, at Kaiser Permanente's Orchard Medical Office in Vancouver, the expected he’d be treated for his pneumonia. What Stanfill didn’t expect was a prediabetes diagnosis. Watch Stanfill’s story below to learn about his positive lifestyle improvement.

Stanfill’s diet has gone from junk food to salads, and now he’s earned the nickname “Fancy Salad Man” at school. How did he make such a remarkable change? It all started with Dr. Bell’s decision to screen him for diabetes, which led to her discovery that Stanfill was prediabetic.

Stanfill’s dietitian stressed the importance of adding proteins and vegetables and cutting back on fats. At first he didn’t like the changes, but gradually his whole family got used to a healthier diet. After making these positive changes, Stanfill’s weight decreased and his energy increased. He’s no longer in the high-risk range for diabetes - see his story below.

November is National Diabetes Month and that makes it the perfect time to talk to your doctor about getting screened for diabetes or to take charge of your diabetes. Get tips for living well with diabetes, including how to manage your blood sugar levels. If you are diagnosed with prediabetes, you may be eligible for the Diabetes Prevention Program - find out more at 1-800-DIABETES.

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