Monday, November 18, 2013

Colorado Dental Association supports new Medicaid dental benefits

Colorado is poised to take an important step toward improving its overall health by expanding access to dental care for some of our state's most vulnerable residents.
Colorado's legislature and governor started the process earlier this year by adopting a policy to extend a limited dental benefit to adults who qualify for Medicaid, beginning in mid-2014. Now, the Colorado Dental Association (CDA) is following up with an initiative to ensure the best care for these newly covered adults as well as the hundreds of thousands of Colorado children already eligible for dental coverage under Medicaid.
While specifics are still being finalized, the new benefit will include access to preventive care, as well as treatment for dental problems like cavities and gum disease.  The coverage is expected to be $1,000 per patient per year.
As the state finalizes the program, the CDA wants to help keep you and your community informed. Please click here to access a flyer that you can distribute to your contacts, patients, community members, etc. In addition, the association established the Colorado Dental Access Alliance to provide more information about dental health and the new Medicaid dental program. Please visit the Alliance online and on Facebook for updates about this program. For more information, please email CDAA at
Colorado's dentists recognize how important it is to ensure all Coloradans receive the kind of quality dental care only a dentist can provide. We are looking forward to working with the state and health organizations throughout Colorado to ensure that the new adult dental benefit is a success.

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