Thursday, October 24, 2013

Loan Repayment Awardees Honored at Corps Community Day

On Oct. 11, the Colorado Health Service Corps participated in Colorado’s third annual Corps Community Day event to celebrate individuals and organizations that have made a commitment to strengthen Colorado’s
safety-net health care system. More than 100 attendees came from across the state to network with like-minded health professionals.

Loan repayment recipients and Corps
Community Day panel speakers Jeffrey
Cook, MD, Danielle Sanchez, RDH, and
Valerie Sims, PsyD
A panel of loan repayment awardees, including a rural family practitioner, a local registered dental hygienist and a clinical psychologist, offered their insight about how loan repayment has impacted themselves and their communities. One recipient expressed her gratitude for the program by saying, “The loan repayment program has clearly helped my family from a financial perspective, and for that I am very appreciative. More importantly, however, it has reminded me of the purpose of my degree and the important role I can play in helping the underserved recover from mental illness. It is a wonderful reminder that mental health treatment is supported, respected, and appreciated, for all populations.” Gretchen Hammer, Executive Director of the Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved, also offered an inspirational speech about the future of the health care system and the important role that loan repayment providers have in creating health equity for all Coloradans.

The Colorado Health Service Corps increases access to primary care services for Coloradans by offering loan repayment to primary care, oral health, and behavioral health providers who agree to practice for at least 3 years in a shortage area. To learn more, visit

The event was collaboratively organized by the department’s Primary Care Office, the Colorado Community Health Network, the Colorado Rural Health Center, Central Colorado Area Health Education Center, the Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States, and the National Health Service Corps. 

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