Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Report: Coloradans to pay less under Obamacare

Coloradans covered under the Affordable Care Act will see a "meaningful" decline in their average health insurance premiums,according to an analysis by Forbes columnist Avik Roy.
Obamacare, as the federal health reform is popularly known, will reduce premiums for Coloradans covered under its subsidized insurance exchanges by an average of 34 percent. Only residents of Maine will see a larger decrease, with an average of 71 percent.
But the data for all of the states isn't in yet. In fact, insurance carrier filings have only been made public for 13 states and for Washington, D.C. Looking at just the data for a fourth of the country where the information has been disclosed, higher premiums are the norm with an average 24 percent increase in premiums expected.

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