Friday, August 16, 2013

Colorado Primary Care Office Updates Essential Safety Net Data

The Colorado Primary Care Office (PCO) updated the Community Health Assessment Data for the Safety Net and is again making it available on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website, continuing to be the first to offer this valuable resource for all health partners.

The assessment data includes county level data profiles and Health Statistics Region profiles, information imperative for expanding health care to Colorado’s medically under-served. This new endeavor also substantially elevates customer service to Colorado’s federally-qualified (community) health centers and saves countless hours of difficult data collection. 

The PCO utilized internal data expertise to supplement the increasing development needs of community health centers as they strive to expand primary care access in their communities.

This data is suitable for all safety-net providers and can be used for Service Area Competitive grant applications, Budget Period Renewals, New Access Point applications and other grant opportunities. It also can be useful for community level planning and primary care access needs throughout Colorado.

Because of the importance of reducing the barriers of access to health care, the PCO will collect safety net data annually and update each year. Unless otherwise noted, data were prepared by the Health Statistics Section at CDPHE.

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