Monday, July 1, 2013

This July 4th, Gain Freedom From Tobacco Use

This 4th of July, CDC encourages smokers to declare their independence from cigarettes and live a fuller, healthier life.  And for those who don’t smoke, CDC applauds their independence and suggests that they take the opportunity to celebrate! OSH has planned communications activities beginning today, and below is a list of the products and activities available. We hope this information will help your organization use the materials and resources to support those in your community who want to quit. We encourage you to share this E-mail with your tobacco control partners so that they can use them, too.

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health

Products and Activities

This article:
  • Presents key information about the harms of tobacco use and the addictiveness of tobacco products
  • Shares the stories of two former smokers from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign:
    • Tiffany, who quit smoking last year and says she feels a great sense of freedom and control over her life
    • Mariano, who quit smoking in 2004 and says he now enjoys much greater quality of life
  • Provides helpful, free quitting resources
This feature article is now live on and CDC Tobacco Free social media profiles.

Information on OSH’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web Site
Check out the July Media Calendar page on OSH’s Web site. There you can find a link to the CDC feature article as well as to quitting resources and social media tools.

Like, Follow, and Subscribe! Social Media Engagement
To take advantage of all the activities we have planned on our social media profiles, you may wish to proactively like and follow @CDCTobaccoFree on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the Smoking & Tobacco Use playlist on YouTube. Doing so will enable you to receive and share status updates and profile updates as they are posted.

Be Smoke-Free—You Matter to Me! Facebook App
CDC’s new Be Smoke-Free—You Matter to Me! Facebook app can be used by friends and loved ones of smokers to remind them of all the activities and major life events they might miss out on if they continue to smoke—and more importantly, all the things they can look forward to if they quit. Friends and loved ones can send heartfelt messages to show smokers how much they care and to encourage and motivate them to try to quit.

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