Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Health and Wellness Drive Colorado Economy

Health care and wellness jobs in Colorado grew by more than 22 percent during the past five years, driving the state's economy even as other industries were mired in recession.
"It's one of the few industries we can point to that really did continue to increase," says Patty Silverstein, chief economist for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.
A study by that group found that in 2012, more than 176,000 people were employed in more than 18,000 health- and wellness- related businesses throughout metro Denver and northern Colorado. Those businesses range from doctors' and dentists' offices to hospitals and clinics to specialty care providers such as mental health centers and substance abuse treatment sites.
They also include fitness centers, recreational equipment rental centers, vitamin stores and government agencies involved in public health programs. All told, health-related industries added a minimum of 4,000 new jobs every year for the past decade in Colorado. In some years, that number approached 8,000. That amounts to an $11.3 billion payroll statewide – a little more than $1 out of every $10 earned in the state.
By Rebecca Jones
Photography by Dan Sidor
For the rest of the story, go to The Colorado Health Foundation.

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