Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tobacco Cessation Policy Specialist Position Opens at CDPHE

The health department's Prevention Services Division is looking for a Tobacco Cessation Policy Specialist. This position is charged with advancing tobacco cessation systems and policies across the state and with local communities and employers. What you’ll be doing in this role is working with health systems, community programs, insurance carriers, benefits plans and large employer groups to promote and support tobacco cessation and the prevention of secondhand smoke exposure.

Primary duties include:
  • Tobacco Control, Worksite Wellness and Health Systems. Researches local and national tobacco control best practices, health plan designs, group benefit plan designs, worksite policies, and employer campus policies. Establishes partnerships with internal and external stakeholders. Qualifies and establishes best practices; provides consultation and makes recommendations accordingly. 
  • Stakeholder Collaboration and Partnerships. Obtains and analyzes critical quantitative and qualitative data about state-specific cessation coverage for use, implementation, and expansion in Colorado. Coordinates and partners with health plans and employer groups to ensure that health insurance policies ensure clear language around tobacco cessation treatment and coverage. Provides guidance on permissible and prohibited limitations to coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Presents a comprehensive findings report and recommendations to develop new and strengthen existing public-private partnerships. 
  • Tobacco-Free Policies and Programs. Identifies, plans, develops, and implements stage-based health promotion programs that target low, moderate, and high-risk tobacco-use behaviors. Represents the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP) program to Colorado employers and serves as a participant advocate and health promotion resource for Colorado State employees. Advises employers in the selection, development, implementation and management of tobacco-free policies and programs. Provides consultation, facilitation, and project management to tobacco treatment and tobacco-free policy projects for the corporate wellness programs. Develops a worksite wellness model for tobacco cessation and secondhand smoke exposure prevention.
This is a General Professional III position with a salary range of $3,895 - $4,868 per month. To learn more, go to and look for position no. 1551, Tobacco Cessation Policy Specialist. As an open competitive announcement, any Colorado resident may apply. It will be posted until May 22, 2013, or until we receive an adequate candidate pool.

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