Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Text your sexual health questions to

Have you ever wondered: “Is HPV really as common as people say it is?” Or thought: “I’m all kinds of itchy. Is it possible to be allergic to the spermicidal lubricant on condoms?”

Well, professional answers to all your sexual health questions are now just a text away thanks to the Text Line. Always open, totally anonymous and awesomely convenient, all you have to do is text b4play to 57890 and then ask your question.

Each time you send a text, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation followed by your answer within just 24 hours (48 hours on weekends). It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Standard text rates apply, but otherwise it’s F-R-E-E. Uhh, yes please.
The Text Line is legally required to contact the appropriate authorities should your text disclose abuse, rape, incest or neglect. If your safety is at stake, don’t wait or text. Get help immediately. Use our health center locator to find a local health care provider, or see our resources page for links to top organizations who may be able to help.

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