Friday, May 24, 2013

Colorado Trust Releases Early Childhood Health Integration Strategy Evaluation

The Colorado Trust's Early Childhood Health Integration grant strategy supports the efforts of Colorado Early Childhood Councils (Councils) in establishing the systems necessary to improve child health outcomes. An evaluation of the first three years of the strategy was conducted by Spark Policy Institute to assess the efforts of 25 Councils in building a more integrated local system of care that links child health services to other early childhood services.The evaluation sought to leverage learning and generate tools and resources that could meaningfully and tangibly support the Councils' work integrating health into the early childhood systems. Spark Policy Institute developed four briefs on topics that directly impacted Councils' systems-building efforts. The briefs incorporate a review of national literature on the following topic areas, and the experiences of the Councils and their health partners, in order to identify solutions to barriers and strategies to support systems-improvement efforts:
Data Use and Shared Accountability
Integrating Health Partners
Communications and Messaging for Early Childhood Health
Screening and Referral Systems for Early Childhood Health

While framed within the context of Colorado's early childhood system, the briefs are relevant to efforts to strengthen any system. To learn more, please visit The Colorado Trust or Spark Policy Institute.

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