Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weld County School Food Renaissance Gets National Exposure

Jeremy West, Weld County School District nutrition service director and chairman of the Colorado Farm to School Task Force, blogged about his district's success in First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move site: 

They said it couldn’t be done. Prepare meals from scratch. Done. Purchase locally grown foods. Done. Add salad bars to every school. Done. Reduce sodium. Done. Develop a highly trained central production staff led by an Executive Chef, keep the budget in the black and maintain labor hours. Done, done and done. But it didn’t happen overnight!

My team at the Weld County School District 6 Nutrition Services in Greeley, Colorado has been on a journey for the past three years to “clean up” our food system by focusing on eliminating highly processed entrees in favor of freshly made meals prepared from scratch utilizing local ingredients when possible. It’s a commitment we call“School Food Renaissance”.

For the rest of the story, go to Let's Move.

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