Thursday, March 28, 2013

Second launch of graphic, anti-tobacco ads spurs smokers to quit

The CDC is launching a second round of graphic anti-tobacco ads to to raise awareness of the negative health effects caused by smoking, encourage smokers to quit, and encourage nonsmokers to protect themselves and their families from exposure to secondhand smoke. Last year’s national campaign, “Tips From Former Smokers,” featured compelling, real-life stories of smokers. This year’s campaign continues to showcase real-life stories and includes nonsmokers who are debilitated by secondhand smoke, as well as vulnerable groups like diabetics and American Indians. 

Anti-smoking advocates say last year’s campaign more than doubled calls to quitlines and increased visits to cessation websites compared to the same period in the previous year.  “When the ads stopped, the numbers went right back down to baseline,” Dr. Tom Frieden, the CDC’s director, said in an interview. “These are real-life stories, and telling them saves lives and saves money. That’s the bottom line.”

Tobacco companies spend more on tobacco product promotion in a week than the CDC spends in a year on anti-tobacco campaigns.

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Below are materials to help support the new campaign:
Additional English and Spanish materials are available to download from the CDC's Tips campaign website.

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