Monday, March 18, 2013

Infant and Early Childhood Injuries Report

Did you know...
  • One in eight deaths among children ages 5 years old or younger are due to injuries, including violence?
  • For every child that died from an injury in Colorado during 2011, 12 children age 5 or younger were hospitalized with an injury, and 437 were treated and released from an emergency department?
  • Suffocation, including accidental strangulation, was the cause of 60 percent of the injury deaths among Colorado infants younger than 1 year old during 2011?
  • Homicide or abuse was the second leading cause of injury deaths among infants but the leading cause among children ages 1-5 in Colorado during 2011?
The 2011 Infant and Early Childhood Injuries Report details the above statistics and more. Your agency can take an active role in preventing future injury or violence deaths or hospitalizations by taking some of the following steps.

What can I do?
  • Learn more about the statewide and local programs already working to reduce injuries or child abuse in your community, like SafeKids or home visitation programs.
  • Partner with these programs to leverage funding and expertise to address childhood injuries. 
  • Use these data to increase awareness in your organization and community.
  • Use these data to seek increased funding to address childhood injuries.

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