Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beforeplay at 1 Year – Still Talking About It!

One year ago today, a dynamic and innovative public education campaign – – was launched to help Colorado’s young adults in their late teens and twenties normalize the conversation about sexual health and well being. provides resources that enable Coloradans to make informed decisions about birth control, pregnancy, and STDs. Beforeplay's first year was very successful:
  • Developed a website -  This Beforeplay hub is filled with information about planning prenancy and how to have conversations about pregnancy, birth control and STDs/STIs with partners, family, friends and medical professionals. The site also includes health center and emergency contraception locaters, a birth control method selector, video testimonials and more. So far, there have been more than 152,400 unique visitors.
  • Developed a Spanish website -’s Spanish language site - - recently launched, bringing this same comprehensive information and resources to Spanish speakers in Colorado and across the nation. Both sites are available on mobile device.
  • Statewide outreach - Hundreds of advertisements have been placed around the state, raising attention and awareness. Outreach teams have been engaging young people across Colorado, spurring one-on-one conversations at college campuses, sporting events, music festivals, bars and nightclubs. 
  • Social Media - is active in social media, particularly on Facebook, regularly engaging nearly 7,000 fans. A new mobile text line - text b4play to 57890 -  is available for people to get confidential and personalized answers to their specific sexual health questions.
Beforeplay has become an important tool in reducing unwanted pregnancies, one of Colorado's 10 Winnable Battles. For more information or to get involved, email or call 720.564.0537, x103. 

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