Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tobacco Review Committee - Vote

This page is vote record for a Request for Proposal for a Media Buy for the Tobacco Review Committee

On behalf of the Tobacco Cessation, Prevention and Education program, a group of communications experts was convened to review proposals from agencies interested in providing Media Buy services to the Colorado QuitLine. The group independently reviewed nine applications with a competitive scoring process and met to recommend the best proposal for funding. Jennifer Ludwig, the Chair of the Tobacco Review Committee, was a member of the proposal review and selection group and would like to make the following motion to the Tobacco Review Committee:

Motion: Jennifer Ludwig moved to approve funding the proposal from InLine Media, up to $1,000,000, for Colorado QuitLine Media Buy services.

A second vote to the motion is pending from the membership.

Instructions:  Please use the comment box below to second the motion, offer discussions and to vote.  You can select "anonymous" from the drop down box and then type your name in your response to identify yourself.


  1. This is Celeste... I second the motion. And, I believe this opens things up for any discussion, comments, or questions.

  2. Thank you Celeste, for seconding the motion. Review Committee Members, please post and respond to any discussion items, comments or questions regarding this funding recommendation until COB on Friday 11/30. After that, please post your vote and name until Noon on Tuesday 12/4. Rochelle

  3. Is there more info available on the scores given to the other proposals? Dk

  4. CCT 72.8
    E.B. Lane 66.4
    EMICO 71.2
    Evolve 74.8
    forte 71.0
    InLine 81.0
    Northwest Strategies 71.8
    Thayer 75.0
    Woodrow 70.8

  5. This is Celeste. I vote yes on this.

  6. Jill Bednarek - I vote yes

  7. Brandon Williams - I vote yes

  8. Chris Lindley - Approve

  9. Stephanie votes aye.

  10. Jeff Wagener - votes yes

  11. Pam Talley votes yes

    1. Daniel Kortsch votes yes

  12. Emma Goforth votes yes.

  13. Yes Joan Sowinski

  14. John Morse votes yes

  15. Thank you Committee members, We have reached a unanimous quroum vote in favor of the funding recommendation. The recommendation will now be sent to the Board of Health for final approval on December 19th. The vote will be tallied for the records.
    Thanks again, Rochelle