Monday, November 12, 2012

QuitLine participant finds successes in quitting process

QuitLine participant Debra Duran

“I had to make myself a priority, said Debra Duran, Colorado QuitLine participant.

Debra said she never knew how hard it would be to stop smoking. She said she started smoking to cope with her stress from trying to manage her diabetes and other health issues, and then her urge to smoke became stronger. She smoked about a pack and half a day.

“I was losing control over everything in my life,” Debra said.

She said the moment she decided she wanted to quit, she called the Colorado QuitLine for help. Once she spoke with a Quitline coach, she said her belief in herself began to increase.

“To have support from a program like the Colorado Quitline is a wonderful feeling,” Debra said. “There’s nothing like somebody patting you on the back and cheering you on.”

Before quitting smoking, Debra went to bed each night with terrible congestion, coughing and chest pains. Now she says she can breathe easily and sleep more soundly.

Cigarettes hadn’t just harmed her respiratory system, her oral health suffered, too.

“Smoking destroyed my teeth,” she said. “I’m now going to reward myself with veneers. Why would I go back to smoking and stain my teeth? My grandkids enjoy kissing me now. I’m loving it!”

Debra says she was smoke free for about two months. Then an emotional setback and a change in her medications created a lot of stress in her life. She said her first instinct was to reach for a cigarette. Debra started smoking again – this time about two cigarettes each day.
The QuitLine coaches told Debra that many people don’t always quit for good the first time they try. They assured her that it’s OK to keep trying. In fact, studies show that most people trying to quit tobacco try an average of seven times before they quit for good. That’s because tobacco is so addictive.

Debra said she’s going to quit again because she remembers how good she felt being smoke free.  She says she feels confident that if she quit once, she can do it again.

About QuitLine

The Colorado QuitLine is a FREE telephone coaching service that connects people who want to quit smoking or using other tobacco products to an experienced Quit Coach. The free telephone coaching service − 1 800 QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669) is available in English and Spanish and is open seven days a week.

Research shows that smokers who use Colorado QuitLine services are more likely to successfully quit than smokers who try to quit on their own. Trained coaches encourage individuals to immediately develop the confidence and coping skills to quit tobacco use and remain tobacco-free. The program consists of a bilingual QuitLine Call Center; proactive, positive coaching sessions; an online service for 24/7 support; provision of nicotine replacement therapy products to eligible participants; printed materials; and a text messaging program.

The Colorado QuitLine celebrates its 10th anniversary in December having served more than 260,000 Colorado residents.

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