Thursday, November 29, 2012

La Voz Highlights Alcohol and Tobacco Connection

Partners working with the Hispanic population should check out the latest marketing campaign running in La Voz, a Spanish/English publication. The campaign highlights the connection between alcohol and tobacco, outlines health concerns and suggests readers who are ready to quit smoking contact the Colorado QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT NOW. 

Here's a sample:

Ricardo travels from Mexico to work in the orchards every year. He cares very much about his family and misses them during the long months when he is away from home. Sometimes he goes out on the weekends with friends and they have a few drinks. Ricardo hopes that will help him feel a little less lonely but it doesn’t really... He has also started to smoke cigarettes. Smoking seems to help with the stress he sometimes experiences. A couple of weeks ago one of his friends got pulled over after going out drinking. Ricardo is sure glad he wasn’t the one pulled over because now his friend is facing some really big problems.

What to know about alcohol:
·         Alcohol increases the risk of many problems. For example: injuries (including getting hurt on the job even on the day after drinking), high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, sleep problems, cancer, violence, sexually transmitted infections… and many others!
·         There are guidelines for moderate drinking in men and women. Know your numbers!
o   Men: No more than 2 drinks a day/14 drinks a week AND no more than 4 drinks on any occasion 
o   Women: No more than 1 drink a day/7 drinks a week AND no more than 3 drinks on any occasion.
o   Men over age 65 should follow the same guidelines as women.
·         No amount of alcohol is ever safe for a pregnant woman.
·         Drinking less is always better!
·         Alcohol is never safe under age 21.
What to know about tobacco:
·         Smoking AND smokeless tobacco (spit or chew) cause many serious health problems including cancer of the lung-mouth-bladder (and others), heart disease, high blood pressure, and breathing problems.
·         People exposed to second-hand smoke – especially children, are more likely to experience health problems such as asthma and ear infections. Always go outside to smoke and never smoke in the car!
·         Using tobacco causes stress. It feels like it helps with stress because once the body has grown used to tobacco it needs more to satisfy the craving.
·         It is difficult to quit using tobacco. Most people try multiple times to quit before they are successful. Don’t give up! Every time you try again you get closer to succeeding!
·         Getting help to quit makes it more likely that you will succeed. Help includes coaching, nicotine replacement therapy (such as patches) or medications.
The Colorado QuitLine is a free tobacco cessation program for all residents of Colorado age 15 and older. The QuitLine provides coaching and free nicotine replacement therapy (to people age 18 and older who meet certain medical requirements). QuitLine ervices are available in Spanish!
And just so you know… Ricardo decided to call the Colorado QuitLine. They helped him set a quit date and make a plan to quit smoking. They also provided free nicotine replacement patches. He also decided to drink much less when he goes out with his friends and to never ever drive after drinking. He decided that setting a good example for his kids and saving the money he was spending on cigarettes and beer were much more important in the long run. 

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