Friday, October 12, 2012

Healthy Living Initiatives Top Ten Innovations

Two years ago the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing began working on the Healthy Living Initiatives, addressing issues of health promotion and disease prevention for the Medicaid/ CHP+ populations.

The Department has identified four priority areas for health promotion: oral health, behavioral health (with a focus on depression), nutrition and fitness (with a focus on obesity), and tobacco cessation. Following are the top ten innovations for the first two years. Details are available on the Healthy Living web page:

  • Medicaid has improved and expanded our tobacco cessation benefit for adults (see details in our Tobacco Tool Kit
  • Federal matching funds will provide support to the Colorado QuitLine for serving Medicaid clients 
  • Medicaid offers a new benefit: youth ages 11-20 can be screened annually for depression (see details in our Depression Tool Kit
  • The Oral Health Tool Kit outlines preventive oral health services available to children in the primary care setting 
  • The Obesity Tool Kit outlines guidance for billing and reimbursement when addressing obesity in primary care, through an extended visit with BMI screening 
  • The Healthy Living leadership team collaborates extensively with other organizations statewide, to address issues of wellness and health promotion 
  • The Healthy Living web page provides information on trends in population health, and outlines performance indicators for tracking changes in the health of individuals served by the Medicaid program 
  • The Demographic Profile of Medicaid Clients provides information on Medicaid participants in Colorado, in terms of income level, geographic distribution, age, gender, and ethnicity. This informs population health planning 
  • An emphasis has been placed on evidence based prevention programming for Medicaid clients, including chronic disease self-management classes, and early childhood nurse home visitation 
  • An improved and expanded client engagement process has begun at the Department, in order to more effectively involve clients and families in their own health, and engage clients as advisors to the Department

For questions, contact Lisa Waugh at 303-866-2029; and be sure to check out the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing's website for more great tips and factsheets!

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