Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CDPHE Discontinues Smart Meal Program

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Smart Meal program, pioneered by CDPHE dietitian Shana Patterson, gave many Coloradans the opportunity to choose healthy meals. Unfortunately, a lack of resources and competing priorities have forced CDPHE to discontinue the program effective Oct. 1. Grant funding has expired and CDPHE can no longer afford to operate or promote the Smart Meal program or website.

CDPHE will still be working with restaurants and other statewide partners to promote healthy eating and reduce obesity. The department has named obesity prevention one of Colorado’s 10 Winnable Battles and undertaken an extensive review of existing research to identify 12 Obesity Prevention Priorities for Colorado. CDPHE has dedicated its energy, talent and resources to implementing those strategies and reducing the weight of the state. 

The Smart Meal program led the way to healthier restaurant menu labeling and laid the foundation for new menu labeling requirements coming soon from the Food and Drug Administration. CDPHE will serve as an information resource for Colorado businesses implementing future federal menu labeling requirements.

Smart Meal restaurants are welcome to continue promoting previously approved Smart Meal menu items and access Smart Meal materials through Dec. 31. Contact Shana Patterson with questions, concerns or ideas for working together to promote healthy eating.

CDPHE thanks all the fine Colorado restaurants who worked with us to offer healthy menu choices. The Smart Meal program made a difference in the health of all Coloradans.

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