Friday, September 21, 2012

Tools for Identifying & Prioritizing Evidence Based Strategies

The tools that were used during the CDPHE Obesity Integration Project (OIP) for identifying and prioritizing evidence based strategies are available for you to use as well.

A 13-item form with specific questions to consider when reading an article. Includes questions regarding the article source, introduction, methodology, results, and discussion.
A table to enter specific information extracted from each article utilized in the literature review. This table provides space to describe article description, methodological characteristics, results and conclusions, notes from critique, and strategy type.
This tool includes three sections, the literature inventory, the classification of evidence, and the state-level implementation score. One summary is completed for each strategy.
This tool describes the five levels used to rate the evidence. It gives examples of how the rating is established, what to consider for each rating, and data source examples.
This tool is used to determine which criteria the steering committee will use for the prioritization process.  It provides 11 frequently discussed criterion and allows for other suggestions.
This tool collects input from the steering committee on which roles would be appropriate for the agency regarding each strategy.  The page is to be completed for each strategy and may lead to the elimination of strategies that do not align well with the agency.
The findings from a survey administered to steering committee members soliciting their input on criteria to prioritize among the strategies and define the state health agencies role.
This table describes the final five criteria selected by CDPHE’s obesity steering committee to prioritize among the 58 rated strategies.
This ranked list of the 58 strategies resulted from the meetings and decisions of the steering committee and was presented to the executive committee for action and final resolution.

Contact information is included at the bottom of each tool if you have questions or comments.

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