Friday, September 14, 2012

New - National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention and the Office of the Surgeon General released a revised National Strategy for Suicide Prevention on Monday, 10 September.

You can find the revised NSSP, as well as supporting documents with background and sector-specific
materials, at

This document is the result of more than two years of work and input from some of the top experts in the suicide prevention field.  As its main themes, the NSSP says that suicide prevention efforts should:

  • Foster positive public dialogue; counter shame, stigma, and silence; and build public support for suicide prevention.
  • Address the needs of vulnerable groups, be tailored to the cultural and situational contexts in which they are offered, and seek to eliminate disparities.
  • Be coordinated and integrated with existing efforts addressing health and behavioral health, and ensure continuity of care.
  • Promote changes in systems, policies, and environments that will support and facilitate the prevention of suicide and related problems.
  • Bring together public health and behavioral health.
  • Address both risk and protection.
  • Reflect the latest science, as well as evidence-based and best practices/programs.
It includes four new strategic directions comprised of 13 goals and 60 objectives that align with the Surgeon General’s National Prevention Strategy, released in June:
  • Healthy and empowered individuals, families, and communities
  • Community and clinical preventive services
  • Treatment and support services
  • Surveillance, research, and evaluation

Some of the other new elements of the revised NSSP include:

  • Action steps that different sectors can take now to advance each of the strategic directions.
  • A new focus on and resources for populations with an increased risk of death by suicide.
  • Goals dedicated to the care and support of people impacted by suicide attempts and or death.
  • Discussion of the role new and social media platforms can play in suicide prevention.

Please mark your calendars for an webinar on the revised NSSP, being hosted by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center on 3 October 2012. To register for that webinar, please visit:

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