Friday, August 31, 2012

Mental Health and Substance Abuse "Winnable Battle" Update

Shannon Breitzman, Director of PSD's Injury, Suicide and Violence Prevention Branch, recently provided a great update on the status of the Department's work on the Colorado "Winnable Battle" of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.  You can read the full status update online.

CDPHE’s role with regard to behavioral health is twofold: 
  1. Public health recognizes that mental health is part of an individual’s overall health and there are direct relationships between mental health disorders and public health issues like smoking, obesity and chronic disease; and 
  2. Public health focuses on prevention by addressing the risk and protective factors associated with a health issue. 
Given this role, CDPHE’s focus is on promoting mental health, early interventions to address emerging mental health issues, and looking at improvements in organizational practices or system policies that can be improved to address the underlying determinants of behavioral health.

To learn more about Colorado's "Winnable Battle of Mental Health and Substance Abuse," you can join the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Google Group.

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