Friday, August 31, 2012

CDC launches a new Community Health Media Center Site

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have launched a new Community Health Media Center (CHMC) at

The CHMC is an online repository of ads and collateral materials produced by CDC, awardees, and partners in support of obesity and chronic conditions.  The Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC), a sister tobacco site which the CHMC is modeled after, can be found at

The CHMC promotes sharing of best practices, audience research, and communication materials to cut time and costs for producing and placing market-tested advertising.

We understand that initially, the CHMC will include ads from Boston, MA and New York, NY and that there is ongoing work to secure agreements from the ad producers for the remaining 200+ ads that have been approved for inclusion in the CHMC.  Those ads will be added to the CHMC as soon as the agreements are received.

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