Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cancer Registry Wins Gold

The Colorado Central Cancer Registry (CCCR) was recently awarded Gold level certification by the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) for data quality and completeness for the 2009 diagnosis year.  This achievement ensures that Colorado will be able to accurately track Colorado cancer incidence, mortality and outcomes. Colorado’s cancer data will be included in the U. S. Cancer Statistics publication and available for national research projects.  Data also will be included in Cancer in Five Continents, an international publication. 

In addition to performing their regular duties, the entire CCCR team pulled together for at least two months prior to data submission to collect the last of the pathology lab cases, to obtain case reports on death certificate reported cancers, to perform data quality assessments and to ensure that hospitals had not missed any case reports. NAACCR evaluated CCCR data on several quality measures and one completeness measure.  In each category, Colorado data exceeded the minimum threshold for Gold certification.  For example, NAACCR standards require no more than 2% of cases with unknown/missing value for age at diagnosis; CCCR data had 0 unknown/missing values.

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