Monday, June 11, 2012

National School Safety Leadership Symposium at Columbine

Since 1999 Colorado has experienced four high profile school shootings. Each unique. Each with very different outcomes and aftermaths.

For the first time, Columbine High School will host a two and half day national leadership symposium with:
  • Personal accounts of the events. 
  • Actions in the aftermath. 
  • Steps in the recovery. 
  • And lessons learned. 
The assembly of speakers is unprecedented. Every speaker provides personal, first hand experience with one or more of these tragic events. Every speaker has dedicated their careers and their lives to school safety in the aftermath. Every speaker is committed to providing rare, transparent insight into the events and the lessons learned. And every speaker is volunteering their time to speak at this once in a lifetime event.

Targeted for law enforcement, school administrators, faculty, safety teams, and other first responders, the symposium achieves a number of tangible outcomes and unique take-aways that districts, departments and agencies can implement immediately.

For more information and to REGISTER click here. 

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