Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colorado QuitLine Now Active on Facebook & Twitter

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is excited to announce the launch of a social media presence for the Colorado QuitLine.

This social media community will provide a place where people can come together to help and support one another’s quit attempts and receive additional and ongoing support. The intent of this effort is to further enhance the QuitLine experience by giving people a place to interact with others going through the same experience.

On both Facebook and Twitter we will post content such as tips, stories, videos, games, polls and photos that reinforce a tobacco user’s decision to quit tobacco ‐‐ or, if they haven’t already quit, encourage them to consider it.

We encourage partners to participate in the social media campaign by promoting the Colorado QuitLine through your organization’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Click here to access a brief overview of how this new social media strategy will take shape and template content for your organization to use to help get these channels off the ground.

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