Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cavity Free at Three Launches New Initiative and Website

Dr. Katya Mauritson, CDPHE Oral Health Director, Dr. Quinn Dufurrena, CDA Executive Director and Dr. Chris Urbina, CDPHE Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer

"Oral health is one of the top 10 winnable battles in health for Colorado. To 'win' we need everyone who touches the lives of children to work toward the goal of making all of Colorado’s kids Cavity Free at Three and orally healthy throughout the rest of their lives. Please join us in working to achieve this important and worthy goal." - Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

Cavity Free at Three launched a new initiative today to eliminate early childhood cavities in Colorado’s children. The project is working to increase access to preventive dental care for children, increase the Medicaid dental provider network, engage primary care physicians and public health practitioners in working to prevent oral disease in children, increase parental knowledge about the importance of oral health care and improve Colorado oral health policies.

To support this initiative, Cavity Free at Three developed a new online children's oral health resource at This website features rich resources for pregnant women, parents, children and providers, including but not limited to:
  • Prenatal oral health brochures
  • Infant oral health kits
  • Multilingual children's oral health brochures
  • Provider resources and Medicaid enrollment information
This website is a one-stop-shopping resource for any health care provider who wishes to get involved in early childhood caries prevention work in his or her practice.  Over time, we will continue to populate the site with more materials, and hopefully more instructional videos.  We also will spotlight Colorado’s dental champions.  We want to make the Cavity Free at Three goal something that we are ALL working toward.  We hope that with a variety of communication strategies, CF3 will become an everyday name with many dental and medical providers working toward the goal.

Read or view Grand Junction Channel 5's story on Cavity Free at Three.

For more information, contact:
Karen Savoie, RDH, BS
Director, Cavity Free at ThreeUniversity of Colorado Anschutz
(303)724-4750  or

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