Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-Release of Amendment 35 RFAs

Amendment 35 programs have been busy over the last couple of months in developing RFAs for the Tobacco grants program; Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, & Pulmonary Disease (CCPD) grants program; and Health Disparities Grants Program (HDGP). While the full RFA will be released late next week, we heard from several partners that interested applicants wanted to get meetings scheduled with stakeholders to discuss applications. Therefore, the Tobacco, CCPD, and HDGP agreed to send a pre-release of the RFA with information to get you started. Note that this isn’t the full RFA document, only the first few pages. We hope this will help your planning and preparation stages. Please note that each grant program will be holding applicant webinars and setting up email accounts to answer your specific questions; we won’t be able to answer questions outside of that process. We look forward to reading your applications and working with many of you to do some great public health work!

Click the following links to access the RFA notifications:
You may also visit the grant program websites for additional information and updates:

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