Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Key Stakeholder Colorado Premature Infant Summit

Key Stakeholder Colorado Premature Infant Summit
Assuring Premature Infant Follow Up through a Medical Home

Friday, May 18, 2012
8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Daniels Fund | 101 Monroe Street | Denver, Colorado  80206

Hosted by CDPHE and Special Kids Special Care, key stakeholders attending this summit will provide recommendations to optimize the health and developmental outcomes of premature and late premature infants through systems of care that support the medical home approach and have the potential to reduce related health care system costs in Colorado. 
Participants will:
  • Understand the causes of premature and late preterm births, the family impact after a premature infant is discharged home, as well as the costs associated with re-hospitalization and overall health care and education after reviewing the Premature Infant Fact Sheet: Did You Know? provided prior to the Summit.  
  • Understand the impact of regulatory disorders on premature infant's hospital to home transition for the family, re-hospitalization, and premature infant follow up needs.  
  • Discuss hospital discharge and follow up guidelines for premature infants by utilizing the Toolkit for Follow-Up Care of the Premature Infant 
  • Prioritize next steps in meeting the follow up needs of premature and late premature infants and their families including a lead in implementing the Key Stake Holder Premature Infant Summit recommendations. 
8:30 AM  Welcome and Introductions  
8:45 AM  Regulatory disorders that affect preterm infant outcomes: “Re-hospitalization, growth and development”
9:15 AM  Follow-Up Guidelines: Toolkit for Follow-up Care of the Premature Infant         
9:45 AM   Break
10:00AM  Possibilities and Next Steps: Facilitated Group Discussion
12:30 PM  Lunch and Networking  
1:00 PM   Adjourn
Breakfast will be available at 8:00 AM.  Breaks and lunch will be provided.
We would like to thank MedImmune Advocacy for support of the Colorado Key Stakeholders Premature Infant Summit.

"Infants born preterm with low birth weight who require neonatal intensive care experience a much higher rate of hospital readmission and death during the first year after birth compared with health term infants.  Careful preparation for discharge and good follow-up after discharge may reduce these risks.  It takes time for the family of a high-risk infant to prepare to care for their infant in a home setting and to obtain the necessary support services and mobilize community resources."  American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Fetus and Newborn.  Hospital discharge of the high-risk neonate.  Pediatrics.  2008. 122(5): 1119. 

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