Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chronic Disease State Advisory Meeting Available Online

A Coordinated Chronic Disease State Advisory meeting was held on May 30, 2012 to review topic areas collected from the seven community forums, and discuss strategies for a unifying, statewide coordinated chronic disease framework. The meeting was archived via LiveStream and is available to watch on the CDPHE Prevention Services Division Chronic Disease Livestream Channel.

The Advisory meeting included an update on the state's coordinated chronic disease efforts and small group discussions on five domain themes.

Community-Clinical Linkages:
  • Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Health Care Navigators 
  • Workplace Wellness 
  • Supportive Services 
Health Systems: 
  • Information Sharing 
  • Quality, Integrated Care 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Provider System/Work Force 
  • Health Education 
  • Social Marketing/Advocacy 
Policy/Environmental Change: 
  • Health Policies 
  • Environmental Change 
Data and Evaluation: 
  • Coordinated Data Collection 
  • Data Analysis and Dissemination 
  • Coordinated Evaluation 
A draft coordinated chronic disease framework will be built from input received at the community forums and Advisory meeting. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the draft of the state framework in the coming months.

For questions about the state's Chronic Disease Plan, contact Jodi Hardin.

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