Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CDPHE PSD Streamlines and Standardizes Grant Reimbursement Forms

Streamlined, Easy and Standardized... Everything you want to hear about anything tied to "reimbursement"

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recently updated the forms used for grant reimbursement.  The aim is to make the forms easier, more intuitive and ultimately, to help make the process more efficient.  To help introduce the new forms, PSD's Patricia Nord has put together two short presentations:  1) a 101-type introduction to the forms and 2) a brief example walk-through of the forms to help users.  The presentations are embedded below and are also available on PSD's "Grants" Channel on Livestream.  You can access the forms online at Grants Reimbursement Invoice Form (Excel Version) and find expanded versions and other information posted on CDPHE's Invoicing Information page.  If you have questions, contact or

Standard Invoice Functionality and Walk-Through

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