Monday, April 2, 2012

Job Announcement - CDPHE PSD Tobacco Free Living Lead Worker

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Prevention Services Division is hiring a Tobacco Free Living Lead Worker.

This position is the work lead for a public health program addressing tobacco control and prevention. Duties include developing work plans, developing grant proposals and requests for applications, designing and evaluating interventions, overseeing implementation, serving as a work lead, developing and monitoring contracts, and collaborating on program evaluation. The position develops partnerships and creates linkages between public health and state and local level systems to promote policy, infrastructure and serves that effectively address the prevention and control of tobacco. The position provides specific expertise in tobacco control and prevention, including knowledge of the evidence base behind interventions, related surveillance data, and current literature on promising practices and trends in the field.  Supervision duties include assign work based upon the Center's work plan and related project management plans; communicate clear expectations to the employee around performance and professional conduct, including attendance, workplace behavior, communication and competencies, and review with employee on a regular basis; monitor completion and quality of work through regular review and feedback with the employee, using relevant project management plans; model effective techniques for clear, consistent and respectful communication; complete performance planning according to CDPHE procedures and timeliness, assisting employee in identifying goals for professional growth; complete performance evaluation according to CDPHE procedures and timeliness; address problems or conflicts in a timely, fair and effective manner and alert manager to pending or potential supervisory concerns; and use effective rewards and recognition to inspire performance.

The position announcement closes on April 13.  For more information or to apply, visit the Tobacco Free Living Lead Worker position announcement.

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