Friday, April 6, 2012

Additional Resources for the Obesity Integration Steering Committee

At the last Steering Committee meeting, Gabriel discussed several of the following pieces of information which Corina Lindley from Kaiser Permanente had shared for consideration.  You can find those materials at the links below:

NACL Dose presentation - a PowerPoint presentation on the concept of dose in public health.  This may help you think about the issues related to population impact and reach in the prioritization process. 

Kaiser - CHI Summary Worksheet on the Concept of Dosage:  - A document which reviews the concept of dose and also contains a table which describes impacts and dose-response across a number of Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity interventions.

Comparison of Strategies to Prevent Childhood Obesity: - This extended table reviews 24 strategies to prevent obesity in children and describes the intervention and the evidence for success.  This material may provide useful, concise background information on the kinds of strategies we've explored in the obesity integration literature review process.

CHI Summary of the evidence: - This PowerPoint presentation reviews the evidence and record of several new, innovative community obesity strategies.

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