Friday, March 30, 2012

Start Those Exercise Engines for the Undy5000

With March coming to a close, so is colorectal cancer awareness month.

Now that doesn't mean we stop wearing blue, or thinking about ways to prevent colorectal cancer, or about getting ourselves, friends, and/or family screened. In fact, it doesn't change our daily work at all.

If you missed wearing blue, or talking about your risk, you could certainly wait till next March to participate in similar events, OR you could get a jump start on your summer exercise plans and sign up to race in a 5K on June 23, 2012 all in support of colorectal cancer awareness. The race, the UNDY5000 is held in City Park in central Denver and is a family friendly event. Instead of the usual t-shirt from a 5K, all participants will get a pair of boxer shorts. Sign-up, start those walking or running plans, and continue to support colorectal cancer awareness! The local benificiary is the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program, who works to provide no-cost screens to the uninsured.

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