Thursday, March 1, 2012

Road Maps to Health: Community Grants 2012 Call for Proposals

The Roadmaps to Health Community Grants program will support communities to implement policy or system changes to address one of the social or economic factors that, as defined by the County Health Rankings, most strongly influences health outcomes in their communities. These include: education, employment and income, family and social support; and community safety. Grantees will be organizations that participate in established coalitions or networks that span multiple sectors and perspectives and may include business, education, public health, health care, community organizations, community members, policy advocates, foundations; and policy-makers. Applicants must engage community members in the planning and implementation of projects, and must collaborate with organizations having expertise in improving the health of the public. Applicants must secure 100 percent matching support, including a cash match of at least 50 percent with the balance as in-kind support. For more information, go to

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