Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project TEACH: a winning collaboration to achieve health equity

By Angela Sauaia and Nicole Tuitt, Directors of Project TEACH

Project TEACH aims to empower community-based organizations (CBOs), regional public health agencies (RPHs) and healthcare agencies to develop, fund and implement health and healthcare programs that are data-driven, evidence-based, and outcomes-focused through capacity building trainings.

Project TEACH started in 2008 and has trained over 95 organizations in every county of Colorado. We have ten different training modules (regional health data, social determinants of health, finding and adapting evidence-based interventions, program evaluation using a simplified RE-AIM framework, cultural competence, community engagement techniques, sustainability and succession planning, budget/budget narrative, partnerships and collaborations, healthcare reform). All the trainings were well received and resulted in a significant improvement both at short and long term in skills and capacity.

Project TEACH continuously posts open-access presentations and resources in its website (, so anyone can use these tools whenever they need.

Soon, we will deploy TEACH DL, which will be our distance learning component. With scarce time to work in advance on project development and short turnaround RFAs, we need a “just in time” type of training. TEACH DL will allow anyone, anywhere to learn about health data, evidence-based interventions and program evaluations at their own pace, in their own time.

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