Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maternal and Child Health Program Conference Wrap-Up

Congratulations to the Maternal and Child Health Program for implementing a successful and exciting conference last week!  Julie Davis and Sara Wargo co-chaired the event that was held at the Westin in Westminster.  They both did an excellent job at designing an agenda that fulfilled participants’ interests and needs as well as facilitating and overseeing a flawless event from beginning to end.  There were 150 participants in attendance, both from state and local public health.

Plenary sessions were presented on: the future direction of Colorado MCH, MCH data specific to the MCH priorities and CDPHE Winnable Battles, the Brownson Model for Evidence-based Public Health, the Community Health Assessment Process (CHAPS) that LPHAs are implementing through the Office of Planning and Partnerships, and the importance of a population-based approach to public health.

Finally, the MCH Implementation Teams (MITs) unveiled their state and local-level logic models and action plans corresponding to the nine different MCH priority areas.  This was the culmination of over a year’s worth of work in which MITs applied Brownson’s Model of Evidence-based Public Health to their priority issue and engaged stakeholders along the way in order to develop evidence-based strategies that our local public health partners can implement to impact the MCH priorities over the next three years.  The MITs coordinated the state and local role in each action plan so that state and local public health work in concert to make an impact.  Also, the state and local action plans reach across MCH population groups for a truly integrated approach to some of Colorado’s most pressing public health issues.  The following MCH Implementation Team leaders presented on the following priority areas:

  • Early Childhood Dental Caries - Deb Borek
  • Early Childhood Obesity Prevention - Tracy Miller
  • Early Childhood Screening (ABCD) - Heather Dubiel and Eileen Bennett
  • Medical Home Systems Building - Rachel Hutson, Jennifer Schroeder, Jane Gerberding
  • Pregnancy-Related Depression - Mandy Bakulski
  • Teen Motor Vehicle Safety - Lindsey Myers
  • Youth Sexual Health - Anne-Marie Braga, Mary Jane Cassalia
  • Youth Systems Building - Celeste Schoenthaler, Audra Bishop

Once again, congratulations to an amazing effort on many fronts!  The MCH Program has truly moved from data to action using remarkable public health practice!  For any questions about the conference or Colorado MCH Program, contact Gina Febbraro at

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