Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Need Your Help for LGBT Health!

Did You Know?
· Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in Colorado smoke at a rate double that of heterosexuals?
· Over 57% of gay and lesbian Coloradans report feeling as though they do not receive needed emotional support?
· Only 38% of transgender Coloradans feel that they have sufficient health insurance for the care and services they need?* (*from One Colorado LGBT Health survey 2011)

GOOD NEWS: Healthy People 2020 prioritized funds to improve health outcomes for LGBT communities and CDPHE received an award to address these issues in Colorado!

The project, LGBT Health Outcomes Planning Project (HOPP) at the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment invites you to help make this project a success!

WE NEED YOU - PLEASE HOPP on in and JOIN US! (Straight Allies VERY Welcome!)  - Just Email the Workgroup Leader below in the area you are most intereseted in helping out!!

The following four goal areas will make up a strategic plan to be finalized by June 2012

· Health Intervention, Prevention, & Services- Focused on the actual healthcare delivery system and health or service providers, this group is crafting plans to better train, educate and support culturally competent care for LGBT people. Workgroup Leader:

· Community & Culture – Focused on supporting LGBT communities themselves to establish a higher priority for healthy living, this group is crafting plans to collaborate with multiple community agencies in order to raise awareness, mobilize partnerships, and develop resources for LGBT people and organizations that serve them. Workgroup Leader:

· Policies & Political Actions – Focused on the work of creating LGBT-inclusive health policy at multiple levels of the state government and healthcare system, this group is crafting plans to ensure that health insurance and public health networks know and protect the rights of LGBT consumers. Workgroup Leader:

· Data – Focused on making existing data collection systems more LGBT-specific, this group (overlapping with the Policies group) is crafting plans to take the necessary steps to get questions about sexual orientation and gender identity to population-based surveys and coordinating state-wide efforts to conduct research on LGBT health. Workgroup Leader:

Here’s how YOU CAN HELP
*Review written drafts of the recommendations electronically
*Make phone calls
*Do internet research

*We also need input from organizations with specific relevant expertise who can weigh in with feedback on these unfolding goals.

Please note – we are especially interested in hearing from people and organizations who represent straight allies, youth and young adults, senior adults, people of color, people with disabilities, and people from rural or frontier communities. We welcome participation from all interested, and we especially want to include more voices from these diverse groups.

Please help us get this call to action out by forwarding to your contacts as you deem fitting. Thank you! And we hope you can join the growing movement in Colorado to work together for LGBT health!

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