Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smart Meal Food Truck Campaign Wins Denver Ad Club Award

Now... would you look at THAT!!!  The Smart Meal Food Truck campaign was identified by the Denver Ad Club as one of The Fifty great ideas of 2011.

The campaign, launched in Fall of 2011, and designed by the Amelie Advertising and PR firm under contract and in partnership with nutrition experts with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment funded by the Colorado Health Foundation, was an outreach campaign designed to encourage healthy eating in restaurants.

The campaign target -- overweight and doing something about it -- is very likely to seek and return for healthy menu options when they combine nutrition, taste, and sense of satisfaction. The campaign headline, “Eat Like There’s a Tomorrow” reminds diners they can eat real food without binge eating. The Smart Meal food truck allowed the campaign to inscribe the brand in a trendy movement and provide a mechanism for restaurants to offer free Smart Meal samples. The mobile application helps consumers find participating restaurants.

Learn more about Colorado's Smart Meal campaign on the Smart Meal site! and "Congratulations" to all those from the Amelie Company, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Colorado Health Foundation for playing such a key role in getting the message out about dining out and still being healthy by selected smart meals!

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