Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Employee Resource Group (ERG) for ALL CDPHE Employees!

Do you know what an Employee Resource Group (ERG) is?

Here's a great little 3-minute video from McGraw-Hill that explains it... (just use your imagination, and insert "CDPHE" wherever they say "McGraw-Hill"!)

Guess What - CDPHE has a new ERG (maybe it's the first?)!

It's called "4LGBT Health"!
And the name pretty much says it all - but for those who like a little more info....

The mission of 4LGBT Health is to serve as a resource in two ways:

  1. For ALL employees at CDPHE to discuss and take action to improve issues of LGBT workplace equity in our day to day work lives.
  2. For ALL employees to discuss and take action to improve issues of LGBT health equity and environmental justice that affect the communities across Colorado that we strive to serve.

So - come to a meeting! Bring a coworker! This group is welcoming of everyone (especially of non-LGBT folks!) - because equity is about everyone!

SAVE THE DATE: March 26-30, 2012 is National LGBT Health Awareness Week!! The "4LGBT Health" Employee Resource Group will be hosting an excellent series of professional development Brown Bags for everyone to learn more about LGBT health.

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