Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NCSL Report Outlines State-by-State Healthy Food Efforts

Colorado has not escaped the obesity epidemic threatening America. Obesity rates have doubled during the past 15 years until today, one of four Colorado adults and one of eight Colorado children are obese. Rising obesity rates threaten health and drive public and private health care costs ever higher, eating up an average 30 percent of state budgets.

During the past decade, state legislatures and agencies have taken steps to fight the obesity epidemic and improve health by promoting healthy eating and physical activity. State lawmakers across the country have passed hundreds of laws and state agencies have revised policies to increase access to healthy food and healthy eating options at state-run facilities. State legislatures are establishing healthy food standards and purchasing preferences for healthy, locally-grown food. And state public health professionals are partnering with local nonprofits to put together marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging citizens to eat healthy and stay active.

The National Conference of State Legislatures has researched state-by-state healthy food efforts and published the results in this report: Starting in the State: The Drive for Healthy Food Options in State Government. Please review the report, download it as a resource for your organization and share it with your colleagues. Contact Susan Motika at for more information.

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