Monday, February 20, 2012

Health Impact Assessment Guides New Development

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment partnered with Tri-County Health Department, the University of Colorado, the City of Glendale, CO and others to conduct a Health Impact Assessment of a new 1-million square-foot entertainment, restaurant and retail complex adjacent to the health department campus.

The team examined the health impacts of this major new development on the ability of Glendale’s resident population -- which includes above-average concentrations of health disparities – and daily employee population of 6,000 to walk, bike and ride the bus safely and easily. The assessment provides practical recommendations to minimize the risks posed by an increase in visitors and traffic, and improve health in Glendale through safer and more inviting walking, biking, access to transit, and connectivity to destinations.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a tool to measure the health impacts of policies, projects or programs and offer mitigations to improve public health, particularly for vulnerable populations. HIA is a fast-growing field that helps decision makers examine scientific data, health expertise and public input to identify the potential --- and often overlooked – health effects of proposed new actions.

This HIA was conducted as part of a graduate class at the University of Colorado-College of Architecture and Planning, taught by Gretchen Armijo, Built Environment Coordinator at CDPHE.

Please view and share the powerpoint presentation here

For more information, please contact Matt Cunningham at Tri-County Health Department at, or Gretchen Armijo at CDPHE at

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