Monday, February 6, 2012

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Rally

The first annual Teen Dating Violence Awareness Rally in Colorado will be held on February 21, 2012, from 12-1pm at the Wellington Webb Building at 201 West Colfax, Denver Atrium.  If you are unable to make the rally, it will also be streamed online on CCADV's Ustream Channel. It is also notable that our own Scott Bates will Emcee the event, and a network table will be staffed with members of the Children and Youth Branch & ISVP Branch.

Contact for the Rally is Tomei Reif, Program Coordinator, Domestic Violence Program, Office of Behavioral Health, Colorado Dept. of Human Services at (303) 866-3408 or at

Team Dating Violence Prevention Team Update
Colorado’s Injury, Suicide and Violence Prevention Unit created a Teen Dating Violence Prevention Team (TDVPT) composed of four interconnected sub-teams: an Executive Team, a State Teen Dating Violence Prevention Team, Youth Advisory Committee, and a Denver-Aurora Teen Dating Violence Prevention Taskforce representing the urban area on which the state chose to focus.

Based on the data it collected, the TDVPT developed a set of long-term outcomes and then created recommendations for best practices for strategy development, program and policy recommendations organized by socio-ecological level, teen dating violence intervention recommendations, and capacity recommendations. The Colorado Department of Health and Environment also provided 22 capacity building sessions for stakeholders through a variety of venues, including state conferences and local workshops.

 The TDVPT conducted an environmental scan that included:
  1. an electronic/paper agency survey using the CDC core environmental scan questions as a base
  2. an assessment of current teen dating violence prevention programming being implemented in the community; and
  3. key informant interviews and focus groups to gather more in-depth qualitative data. 
 The TDVPT also conducted a scan of state and local-level policies impacting the health of youth ages 10-19 and organized the results into three main sections: state-level policies, community-based local-level policies, and school-based local-level policies. 
  • The Teen Dating Violence Prevention Taskforce envisions a community where it is the norm for teens to have healthy, non-violent relationships.
  • In order to eliminate teen dating violence in Colorado, prevention strategies must be implemented at the individual, relationship, community, and society levels of influence. Teen dating violence cannot be addressed by one person, one agency or even by a group of agencies in a community. A holistic community approach is necessary to shift social norms that condone teen dating violence and provide youth with the positive support they need.

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