Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quitting Tobacco = Medicaid Savings

New research by the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services indicates that including comprehensive tobacco cessation benefits in Medicaid insurance coverage can result in substantial
savings for Medicaid programs. The study, titled “The Return on Investment of a Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Program in Massachusetts,” published by the open access journal PLoS ONE, found that every dollar spent in program costs resulted in an average program savings of $3.12, which represents a $2.12 return on investment. The research shows that investing in smoking cessation programs can result in lower levels of smoking, which in turn lead to reductions in hospital admissions for heart related problems and significant savings for Medicaid. The financial support for the research came from Partnership for Prevention.

Read the article online and for more information regarding the State's support for Colorado's tobacco cessation, contact Emma Goforth at emma.goforth@state.co.us

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