Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is Your Practice Ready for Children's Dental Health Month?

February is National Children's Dental Health Month and the perfect time to educate your patients about the importance of oral health. Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease in the U.S. And, this is a great opportunity to inform new and expecting parents that it doesn’t have to be this way because dental disease is virtually 100% preventable.

It is critically important to start the discussion about cavity prevention early, including regular dental visits by age one. Research has shown that, when aware of good oral health practices, the majority of new mothers will change their behaviors. In fact:
  • 91% stopped sharing utensils and other items 
  • 86% brushed and flossed more regularly 
  • 77% stopped putting sweet liquids in the baby bottle 
  • 67% saw a dentist and talked to others about the importance of dental health 
  • 49% took their infant to a dentist
By increasing awareness of these simple behavior changes, your practice can empower new and expecting parents to prevent dental disease. Our campaign's bilingual education materials are available free of charge to help you share this important information with your patients.

These materials are supported throughout metro Denver by a bilingual advertising campaign during January and February. To date, hundreds of our partners have requested over 500,000 cards for their patients. Make sure your practice is part of this important effort!

Visit to order free, bilingual education materials and access other oral health resources


  1. Preventing cavities and saving the teeth is what we always need to do for our children. I need that bilingual education materials and I’m glad that it is free of charge.